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How to Make a No-Sew Tutu

If you've got a little girl, you know that tutus are a necessary part of life. Even if the child doesn't do ballet. Because tutus are awesome! They're also super easy to make, even if you don't sew! If you can make a knot, you can make one. Here's how to make a super full, no-sew tutu for your little princess.

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Ribbon Supplies needed for No-Sew Tutu The Moody Blonde

1 extra long ribbon
2+ rolls of tulle. (I used this one)

How to Make a No-Sew Tutu

Begin by wrapping the ribbon around your child's waist where the tutu will sit. I didn't have a ribbon long enough, so I just used tulle as ribbon. That works too but can be sort of confusing.

Ribbon wrapped around child to measure tutu length The Moody Blonde

I marked the ends where I wanted the tutu to cover, so that I didn't go too far or not far enough.

Next, I measured the length of the tutu and cut my first length of tulle to match. I used that one as a template for all the others. Ours was about an arm's length but you could make it floor length if you wanted to.

To begin with, I wrapped the ribbon around my leg and began knotting the ends. I made simple knots - like tying a shoe but without the bows. Be sure that you tie your knots tight because tulle likes to unravel! Double knots are best.

No Sew Tutu wrapped around two legs to add tulle

Then I moved on to two legs. Once it got too big for my legs, I began using a chair for stability. In this picture you can see the little white guidemark I made.

I kept adding tulle. The more tulle you add, the fuller your tutu will be, obviously.

Keep adding tulle until your tutu is as full as you want it to be

(No, that is not a real cat in my corner. It was my grandmother's door stop but I love it so much that it lives in every house I do.)

Anyway, keep adding more and more tulle until you reach your guide marks. For this, I used 2 large rolls and one small one of the lighter, more sparkly pink color.

Keep adding tulle until the tutu is as full as you want it to be

When you're done, you knot the waist ribbon where the tulle ends. Then try it on!

Keep adding tulle until the tutu is as full as you want.

Finally, my masterpiece was finished. I let her try it on and she said it made her feel like a princess. We immediately had to go to the park to model. 

(Perks of being the child of a blogger - mom takes you to the park to model a tutu...all her friends from school the next day wanted to know all about it.)

Because if you can't cartwheel in a tutu then why bother having one?

May all of your adventures make you feel like a princess!

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