silver snow sensory bottle

How to Make Silver Snow Sensory Bottles

Remember my post about Galaxy Sensory Bottles? Well while we were at it, we made some Silver Snow Sensory bottles, too! The ingredients are slightly different, but the process is the same. 

Silver Snow Sensory Bottle Finish

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Galaxy Sensory Bottle Supplies:

Voss Bottles (Our local store had a sale so I bought a bunch of them!)
Silver large glitter
Silver fine glitter
Silver glitter glue
Blue snowflake stickers
Clear liquid soap
Hot Water

glitter, blue snowflakes, voss bottle, large glitter, silver glitter glue ingredients for silver snow sensory bottle

You'll notice that in the ingredients, there is a bag of those little plastic foam balls. DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT - use them in your sensory bottle! They just make a mess and don't do what you'd think they do. Lesson learned...

Anyway, after all of those little balls floated to the top, we dumped them out and had a really nice bottle.

Silver Snow Sensory Bottle Finish

Please bear with me as these bottles are really hard to photograph! They actually look best in someone's hand.

child's hands holding two sensory bottles.

Instructions for making a Galaxy Sensory Bottle:

Fill the bottle halfway with soap, taking note of the bottle size. You’ll need to approximate to mix the other ingredients. 

In a Pyrex measuring cup or another glass bowl, mix hot water and glitter glue until the ratio of glitter looks the way you want it. 

Add “dry ingredients” to the bottle on top of the soap. 

child pouring ingredients into a sensory bottle voss bottle container

Add water and glue mixture on top. 

Close tightly and shake. 

At this point, take a look and see if your silver snow sensory bottles look the way you want them to. If not, let the bottle settle and add more to get the desired results.

Silver Snow Sensory Bottle Finish

When you’re satisfied with your bottle, seal the top with hot glue, making sure that there are no gaps where it can leak.

That’s it! I’d love to see how your silver snow sensory bottles came out. Feel free to share in the comments, on our Facebook Page, or send an email!

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  1. These are so beautiful ! I love the idea of making Sensory /fidgit toys for around the house . Thank you for this fun Idea and instructions!

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