This delicious recipe features bacon, bleu cheese, blue cheese, mushroom sliders burgers on a bed of lettuce.

Super Delicious Bacon, Bleu, and Mushroom Sliders Recipe

One of my favorite things about blue (bleu) cheese is that you can use it to fancy up a meal or to cool down spicy pub fare. Not many foods can be both classy and elegant and cool and comforting. Bacon, Bleu, and Mushroom Sliders is the perfect example. 

Bacon, Bleu, and Mushroom Sliders

This recipe is so versatile. The tangy blue cheese compliments the onion and garlic-seasoned patties perfectly. Mushrooms add an entirely different texture and a grown-up vibe to what will likely be your next favorite meal.

Serve Bacon, Bleu, and Mushroom Sliders sans bun atop a bed of fresh greens for a lovely entree your in-laws would approve of. Or, eat them like I do - with a big ole' pile of fries on a disposable plate for a to-die-for Saturday night meal.

Because who has time for fancy meals?

Just promise me you won't use ketchup. 

bacon, bleu, and mushroom sliders on a bed of lettuce, white plate, bright green broccoli side dish



A few tips:

If your kids aren't fans of blue cheese, these sliders can be made very kid-friendly with American or cheddar! You can also leave the mushrooms on the side - more for the grownups!

These are juicy sliders! I highly suggest using a thicker, crustier bun - sourdough or pretzel are good options.

What sides would you pair your sliders with? 

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bacon, bleu cheese, and mushroom sliders recipe


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  1. Oh wow, these look wonderful! I love mushroom and swiss burgers....this is so neat with the added bacon and bleu cheese! I have to give these a try! No ketchup here!

  2. These sound delicious. I'm kind of ashamed to say that I just started liking mushrooms last year, after over 40 years on this earth. The combination of flavors here would be great on a pizza as well!

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