korker bow, hair, diy, halloween

How To Make Halloween Korker Bows

korker, bow, hair, diy, halloween

In my opinion, nothing looks more adorable than a korker bow in a little girl's hair, and at this time of year, Halloween - themed korker bows will make your little cutie even more adorable!

They're so easy to make that I can't imagine why someone would pay ten dollars and up for them at a boutique. Anyone can do this, and there is no sewing required.

You'll need:
korker ribbon
hair clip
hot glue gun (and glue!)

Start with korker ribbon. The more you use the bigger the bow. This bow used 36 pieces about 4 inches long each (curled, not pulled straight). You can buy korker ribbon in craft stores, on Etsy, eBay and Amazon, or you can use my korker ribbon tutorial to make your own.

korker, bow, hair, diy, halloween

First, lay the first piece down and then dab a tiny amount of glue in the center. Put the second piece on top, to make an X. Continue this process like you're making an asterisk. Keep going until your korker bows are as big and as fluffy as you'd like.

korker, bow, hair, diy, halloween

When you're finished building your korker bows, glue them to the hair clips. Because I used an alligator clip, I wrapped that in ribbon too to cover the metal. If you're using a different type of clip, you may not have metal showing.

korker, bow, hair, diy, halloween

Note: Make sure that the clip is OPEN when you glue the bow to it, or you may end up gluing the entire thing shut! (Not that this has ever happened to me...)

korker, bow, hair, diy, halloween

Take a blow dryer and blow out the spider-webby mess of glue strings.

korker, bow, hair, diy, halloween

You're done! It's that easy.

I'll be making a few different style bows for my daughter as time goes on, so keep an eye out for more tutorials!

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