DIY Custom Bookmark sitting in the middle of a book

Super Easy Bookmark Craft

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When I was little, my mom taught me to dog ear pages of books I was reading. When I got older, the school librarian taught me that this was frowned upon. So I started using bookmarks. But I always lost the bookmarks and ended up using other things; scraps of paper, receipts, photos, CD inserts, etc. It's not like there is a bookmark store somewhere. Recently, I came up with an idea on make my own bookmarks. They're cheap, easy, and can be custom made. This bookmark craft is perfect for the kids to participate in, too!

Two sets of custom made bookmark crafts

I started by coloring a page out of an adult coloring book. In the picture, you see two pages, but one of them was already done. I wish I could take credit for it!

Two coloring pages to be made into an easy bookmark craftNext, I laminated the pages with my home laminator. If you don't have one of these, you need one! I've laminated all of my important paperwork, checklists for the kids, art projects my daughter makes, crafts, teaching materials, and many more things. It's easy to use and doesn't take up much space. This is the laminating machine that I have.

Anyway, back to the bookmark craft.

Using a ruler to determine the width of the bookmarks in the bookmark craft

I used a ruler to determine the width of my bookmarks. You can go freehand if you want to, but I'm not that good. I traced the ruler lines with washable Crayola markers so that they'd come off when I wiped them later. Baby wipes worked great for this!

Next, I cut them out. Yeah...this bookmark craft is that easy. Depending on which way you put the paper, you can have long bookmarks or short ones. They're so simple to make, I chose to do this project with both lengths.

DIY Custom Bookmark sitting in the middle of a book

Finally, I used a hole punch to poke holes in the bottom and add ribbons. You can also use embroidery floss and make tassels.

One of the things I like best about this bookmark craft is that the kids can help. You could do it with simple strips of paper that the kids color on, or coloring pages from their favorite books. A sticker page would be fun to do it with, too! The possibilities are endless.

Especially when school is out, it's important to prevent the summer slide. If the kids help make the bookmarks, they may want to read more!

Need some books to use your bookmark craft in? Try 15 Books to Read  With Your Kids This Summer!

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