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15 Books to Read With Your Kids This Summer

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Have you heard of the summer slide?

In a nutshell, kids' reading skills can slide back 2 months in the summer months. Just like anything else, reading is a skill that must be practiced to become good at. 

Kids read enough of books that aren't fun during the school year, so why not take this summer to read something you'll love? Some of these books are more challenging than others, but you're sure to find something you'll both love on this list of books to read with your kids this summer. Read to them or have them read to each other...either way, just keep reading!

Books to Read With Your Kids This Summer

Where the Red Fern Grows

Black Beauty

Pippi Longstocking

White Fang

Little House on the Prairie Set

Peter Pan

Little Women

Harriet the Spy

A Wrinkle In Time

Alice in Wonderland

Bridge to Terabithia

The Secret Garden

Charlotte’s Web

Anne of Green Gables


The best way to raise a great reader is to lead by example. Make sure your kiddos see you enjoying books as well. You'll likely develop or re-develop your love of reading too! Books are great before bed, on the beach while working on your tan, and even while on the treadmill at the gym if you're coordinated enough. Summer is a great time to read!

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