Fang Cookies

Fang Cookies
I'm all about the easy life, aren't you? Bonus if easy activities make me look like mom of the year. Like these Fang cookies. A package of store bought cookies, a little bit of chocolate, and some gel frosting makes for a super cute idea. If you have a steady hand and a creative eye, I'm sure yours will even come out better than this! Read on for the ghastly low down on the Halloween Fang Cookies.
photo of chocolate chip cookies dipped in brown chocolate icing and white frosting eyes and fangs


·         Store bought cookies
·         Black Melting Chocolate
·         White Drawing Frosting
·         Black Drawing Frosting
Halloween fang cookies chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate with fang icing 


1.       Melt your black chocolate pieces in the microwave or over the stove, however the directions state for the type of melting chocolate you bought.
2.       Take your cookies (I used Chips Ahoy chunky) and dip only half of the cookie in the melted chocolate.
3.       Set on wax paper to dry.
4.       Once dry, use your white frosting to draw a one-line smile and then put two upside-down triangles to make the teeth.
5.       Then, still using the white frosting, put two white spots for the eyes on the part of the cookie that wasn’t dipped in chocolate.
6.       Using the black frosting, put a dot to finish the eyes.
7.       Set in fridge to cool your Fang Cookies or frosting will run (as seen in my photo).
That's all there is to it! I think that the fang design could work on all sorts of different cookies, including my favorite - sandwich cookies! I think next time I'm going to make them on bigger cookies. These were just a bit too small for this project. 
I'm not into Halloween gore, but you can make your Fang cookies bloody with a little bit of red gel icing. Then they'd be Vampire Fang cookies! Idea for next year? Maybe! It really doesn't matter what they look like - as long as they taste ghoulishly good!

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